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Who We Are & What We Offer

TargetPlus is filling a void as a specialized company operating in the field of third party, outsourced services, providing a wide range of advanced value-adding best practices empowered with intelligent mobile technology. We partner with all suppliers that aim at growing their business, building their brands, capturing market share and boosting their profitability.

We deploy our own personnel to carry out projects on behalf of our clients and we seek to become an extended, powerful dimension of your sales and marketing operations. Our expertise, focus and specialization create a strong synergistic effect and propel ambitious companies to achieve their strategic marketing goals.

Our commitment

Our commitment

Our name reveals our mission and goals. We are target-oriented and we mean business. We are passionately committed to providing a sustainable, long-term competitive market advantage. Our goal is to enable our clients to maximize the volume of products they move out of the store by strengthening the in-store brand presence and exposure.

TargetPlus cares about your business. We are purpose and solutions-driven to make you successful. We offer a strategic partnership that is connected and engaged with your company, people and brands.

Business Philosophy

TargetPlus provides 360⁰ in-store merchandising and marketing services and is passionately dedicated to meet and exceed its clients’ goals and expectations. With the emergence of a myriad of brand choices, a shift to multi-channel availability, an elevated consumer purchasing awareness and intricating selection process, the importance of effective visual merchandising to strengthen the in-store brand presence is more important than ever before. Our goal is to help our clients to maximize their brand exposure and business opportunities by:

  • Promoting product visibility and availability in alignment with sales increase and market share growth
  • Being an outsourced strategic partner and become a valued extension of your operational infrastructure
  • Working passionately as brand ambassadors
  • Remaining at the forefront of technology and industry trends and innovation
  • Contributing valuable market research insights and direct marketing expertise through our network of business partners
  • Ensuring the in-store promo execution and other creative vehicles of reaching and positively influencing consumers


We are a company with strong foundational values that keep our compass pointing always to the north. Our ability and success in partnering with our clients is based on living by and exhibiting a set of guiding principles which will shape our relationships and interaction with all our stakeholders such as clients, employees, associates, consumers and suppliers.

Professionalism: We deliver the best level of service and know-how in accordance with the agreed terms and respect to all stakeholders.
Transparency: We share completely and accurately all deliverables and other business insights for the benefit of our clients.
Integrity: We deal openly and credibly in pursuit of mutually beneficial partnerships.
Reliability: We are always committed to deliver the agreed service level with strong ‘Can do’ philosophy.
Adaptability: We are flexible to adjust and easy to move based on client’s needs, market realities and emerging trends.

Our Services


Help brands connect with consumers at the point of purchase, in a way that elevates and enhances consumer experience and builds loyalty.


To become a trusted business partner and a powerful extension of our clients’ sales and marketing organization, through laser-focused in-store merchandising solutions that maximise ROI.