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What is merchandising

Merchandising is the entire process of placing the products on displays in a such way that makes the highest impact to consumers by adopting the appropriate planograms according to brand strategy and targeted shoppers and entices customers to make a purchase.

Who should make use of outsourced merchandising services

Any company which has either products or services and which is looking to optimise their presence at the point-of-sale aiming to increase sales.

What does one benefit from merchandising services

Quality of offering to the consumer/customer hence better satisfaction, reduction in out-of-stocks but at the same time optimising stock levels, increased sales, optimisation of space usage, reduction of items staying on the shelves beyond their sell-by-date.

Why outsourcing merchandising services

  • Higher efficiency in terms of productivity and cost saving
  • Dedicated, focused, brand oriented, highly trained teams, having the right toolkits to execute the merchandising function in utmost efficient ways
  • Objective verification of delivered quantity and quality based on external service levels, provides transparency and visibility on critical execution insights
  • Advanced software application for precise performance and consistent monitoring of results
  • Elimination of merchandising responsibility/supervision from the sales force thus focusing on pure sales development and distribution growth
  • Broader market coverage to support listing in new customers
  • Increase of sales by minimising the out-of-stocks
  • Reduction of expired products
  • Faster execution of national promo campaigns due to focused and dedicated teams

What are the principles used in the provision of our services

  • Brand driven, hands-on, dedicated personnel
  • Targeted, on-going training and personal development
  • Systematic contact with brand representatives for strategic alignment and activity plan sharing
  • Tangible performance criteria for our employees

What are the bespoke services offered

  • In-store/on-shelf product replenishment per agreed schedule
  • Implementation and execution of efficient product displays in accordance with the standards & guidelines (planograms) per brand and retail channel
  • Optimization of product visibility and brand exposure
  • Monitoring of shelf share% in each category/sub-category
  • Shelf price audit, including on-going promos
  • Placement & maintenance of POS materials and seasonal off-shelf displays
  • Location and tracking of out-of-stocks and/or minimum stock levels
  • Product rotation & expiry dates control (FIFO)
  • Regular audit of listed products (numeric distribution), per retail channel and store format
  • Handling of damaged/non saleable products
  • Emergency order taking
  • Basic training to floor staff (retailer’s) concerning the existing SKUs and new launches
  • Taking and processing of actual display photos
  • Stock taking (shelf & warehouse) – on demand
  • Ad-hoc individual barcode & price labelling
  • National coverage of hyper/supermarkets accounted for >80% of total market size

Can our services offered be seasonal or for specific periods only, rather than based on longer-term contracts

All our services are available and can be tailor-made according to client’s needs and demand

What procedures are there in place to monitor the merchandising services offered

  • Specific toolkits are applied to manage and monitor the daily performance of the merchandising teams subject to agreed service level.
  • Key merchandising data and other performance indicators are captured electronically for client’s information

Can promotional material be delivered to outlets

Our teams can deliver and place lightweight displays and all kind of promotional materials

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