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Talented and passionate about what we do and the industry we serve, is what makes us superbly able to deliver value-added services to our clients. In-store merchandising is at the core of everything we do. We are constantly focused on it and continually investing in it. Our people are dedicated to and specifically developed for it. We invest in our people, because they make the bottom-line difference in all dealings with clients and the level of service we are committed to provide.

From the first contact with our Account management team to in-store execution by our skilled network of field specialists, and everyone in between, our clients are always in the best hands. Front to back, beginning to end, our team works together to ensure that each client receives the utmost care and attention. We treat your brands as ours, and we will deliver on the promise to position them for sustainable growth.

We can achieve our promises through continuous investment in training, knowledge development and strong team building to achieve

a high level of performance excellence


The company selects from a large pool of talented individuals according to project and customer requirements. The selection of candidates is based on the personal skill set and the needs of the assignment. Furthermore, our back-office team provides continuous support to front-line personnel.


On-going training is vital to assure that our teams remain on top of a dynamic field. We focus on the rapidly changing needs of our clients, we adapt and customise our training according to the positioning of brands and consumers behaviour.

Motivational & Incentives Schemes

Team building is a critical component of our business philosophy aimed at bringing people together towards achieving business goals. We apply well-designed and targeted incentive schemes based on measurable qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Personal Development

We believe in self-management when it comes to plan execution and decision making in the field. Therefore we invest in our people to develop essential skills and competencies to empower them to make the right decisions without the need of constant supervision.