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TargetPlus has the right toolkit to optimise the service provision to the entire trade channels from design to execution followed by data collection through advanced field activity management software. We adopt a customised approach, based on the particular characteristics of each channel and the brand’s strategic goals

Brand driven planograms

We handle Planograms, from initial setup to extensive resets, ensuring that the right products are in the right place at the right time for optimal shopability. We not only do initial setup and extensive resets, but also ongoing Planogram maintenance to assure consistent brand and shelf presence, assure all products are well tagged and prevent out-of-stocks.
The implementation of appealing and efficient planograms is vital to secure maximum off-take and on-shelf product rotation in terms of volume and value. We are capable of contributing in the construction of proper planograms according to brand strategy and route to market.

Optimised brand visibility & exposure

We advocate for multiple product displays and category management, aiming to present the brand at prime locations and high traffic areas within the allocated retail space.

Merchandising strategy per retail channel

Every client is unique. Every product category is distinct. Each deserves its own custom-designed solution support. We formulate the merchandising strategy and execution per retail channel, considering the market and channel dynamics, consumer profile, market segmentation and in-store brand visibility. In collaboration with our clients, we analyse the potential of each channel, determine the efficient product mix and then define the appropriate merchandising planograms to enable sales increase and share growth. Consequently the workforce capacity is effectively allocated to meet the demands and requirements of the agreed plan.

Advanced software application

Effective merchandising service is no longer a conventional manual task of simply replenishing products on the shelf. It has evolved into so much more, requiring both intelligent best practices and electronic monitoring of qualitative and quantitative data. As an integral component of its core services, TargetPlus employs a specialised software platform in the context of enterprise mobility which captures and processes all merchandising parameters according to client’s needs. The individual data are then posted centrally for further processing, business analysis and appropriate corrective actions.